Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing is a professional practice-oriented course aimed at marketing managers and marketing directors.

The course is part of the MBA Marketing program developed by the Academy of AFW Wirtschaftsakademie Bad Harzburg GmbH, (Bad Harzburg, Germany) and International Management Academy (New York, USA).

Training period is 6 months on a specialized platform on the bases of the author’s business books (Germany, USA, CIS) of the MBA Marketing program with video lectures and video presentations.

Practical components are training tasks, business cases, tests, crosswords, templates, checklists, business projects of the own activities.

The result of the course is development of marketing strategy and marketing plan.

Program modules:
Module 1. The concept and marketing organization
Module 2. Marketing environment of the company
Module 3. Demand as the object of marketing
Module 4. Marketing communications
Module 5. Product strategy
Module 6. Price Marketing
Module 7. Marketing channel management
Module 8. Marketing research
Module 9. Marketing Strategies
Module 10. Online marketing strategy

Request detailed information of the program, find out the list of templates and checklists provided and graduated documents.


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