Smart Kids

Smart Kids

SMART KIDS  is a practice program for children and teenagers of 10-17 years.

The program will allow a child:

  • tdevelop leadership potential and creative thinking;
  • to identify his/her talents and to choose a future specialization;
  • to manage money and to be financially literate;
  • to turn an idea into a business project.

The program includes 2 levels Junior & Professional

Junior level

Personal effectiveness


Time Management

The results of education

  • Clear formation of personal goals
  • Developed plan to achieve goals
  • Analysis of personal effectiveness in various areas of activity
  • Effective teamwork
  • Formation of the ability to control own behavior and emotions
  • Understanding and evaluating own abilities
  • Development of multiple intellects (linguistic, musical, logical-mathematical, spatial, body-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, natural scientist’s intellect).
  • Acquaintance with the most well-known and effective time management methodologies
  • Skill Development of a day planning and effectively usage the time resource
  • Ability to prioritize
  • Forming an understanding of the psychology of the leader
  • Leadership skills training
  • Ability to listen and convince other people
  • Ability to take the initiative

Professional level

Financial Literacy
The results of the Module

  • Ability to manage personal finances
  • Ability to make a budget, keep records of income and expenses, make decisions
  • Understanding the feasibility of a project / business with the help of the “break-even point”

Conflict Management

The results of the Module

  • Understanding the nature of conflict, species, categories and causes of conflict
  • Ability to manage the conflict situation and choose the best response strategy
  • Stress-resistance training and ability to control your emotional intelligence
  • Possession of negotiation techniques in conflict situations
  • The ability to resolve the conflict positively

Change Management

The results of the Module

  • Forming an understanding of the change process and its success factors
  • Understanding the nature of resistance to change
  • Possession of methods and tools to overcome resistance
  • Formation of the change and a human resource management skills in the process of carrying out changes

My Start-Up

The results of the Module

  • Formation of basic knowledge in project management
  • Ability to develop a project proposal
  • Ability to identify risks and to develop response strategies
  • Understanding how to form a project team
  • Knowledge of different programs to manage a start-up
  • Ready Start-Up implementation plan

Internet Marketing

The results of the Module

  • Understanding of digital-marketing
  • Practical skills of promotion in social networks
  • Market and competitors analysis
  • Development of an internet marketing strategy

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