High Line Park is a new landmark of Manhattan

High Line Park is a new landmark of Manhattan

In New York there is a completely unique place that you must visit.This is an unusual park, the High Line, which is also sometimes called the “Green Manhattan Snake” for its bird’s eye view.The park is a well-maintained strip along the former railway line.

Initially, the trains went straight on 10 Avenue, and there were a lot of victims among pedestrians and car drivers, so in 1929 the authorities decided to take the roads above the streets.

The railway existed until 1980. At the beginning of the new century the authorities wanted to demolish it and build up the territory. However, the activists created the “Friends High Line” organization and offered the authorities a project of the improvement of the pedestrian walking zone. Mayor Bloomberg allocated $ 50 million for this project and the construction began in 2006. For 10 years, the park have been commissioned gradually, until finally in 2016 it was completely ready.

The length of the park is about 2.5 km and lay along the former track at an altitude of 10 meters above the Meatpacking District and Chelsea. This is an example of a careful attitude to the history of the city, and the example of how it is possible to create something beautiful from an abandoned old road.

Walking along the High Line you catch a special mood of Manhattan. Here and there the rusty rails are seen, and along them there are new benches, planted trees, wild grasses and bushes. The bright and hardy plants do not look accidental here, they seem to express the spirit of the city. Summer and autumn are undoubtedly the best time on High Line to enjoy this atmospheric place.

Square along the High Line is as if have been revived after its improvement. It’s no longer the old factories, but the attractive hotels and art galleries. Around here there are eco-materials and neon instead of rust. The real estate has risen in price up to 40%!

From the upbeat park alley you can see beautiful and significant views of New York. These are the districts of Chelsea, Hudson, Jersey City. The aircraft carrier Intrepid moored to the pier #86 is visible, as well as the ship-museum with airplanes on the deck, and a masterpiece of deconstructionism the Iceberg skyscraper, and the condominium of 11 Avenue, 100, with the glasses facade inclined at different angles.

The park has become one of the favorite rest spots of New Yorkers. This “Green outlet” among stone high-rise buildings is very popular.

There is everything for a comfortable rest such as sunbeds and lawns where you can lay, benches, drinking fountains. Even there is a creek, and people can take off their shoes to go barefoot in cool water in the summer.

The entrance to the High Line is free and open from 7 am to 7 pm daily. There are days when it is visited by up to 8 thousand people.In the park you can find street art installations. It is difficult to imagine New York without street art. There are regularly mobile exhibitions, performances are arranged, as well as chargeable and free guided tours.

Today, the High Line Park can be described with certainty as an example of “living architecture”. Due to this place the trend of ” upbeat parks” was born, so that New York became a trendsetter. The prototype of the park was Promenade Plante in Paris opened in 1993. And only after the success of the Manhattan green snake many cities such as Chicago, Philadelphia, Seoul, Mexico, Adelaide are intend to create parks as High Line.

Come to High Line Park at any time of the year and feel New York with its desire to be updated, with its love to architecture, history and nature!

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