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Co-Founder and Vice- President Word Wide Business Management.

Co-Founder and President International Management Academy World Wide.

Dear Friend, I am glad to greet you on my page! I am an entrepreneur, the founder of several international companies, a business teacher and consultant for business training, the creator and co-author of courses for owners and managers, as well as a cheerful woman, a happy mother and a wife. We live in New York with my family, and it is the majestic city that inspired me to create this blog.

New York is considered the most photogenic city in the world, where there are always interesting events, exhibitions, shows, conferences, performances, concerts, parades, carnivals and much more.

In addition, this city is a great environment for business development. New York inspires new ideas and the creation of business projects. There is no pathos in the conduct of business, everything is mobile and modern. Americans value their time, because it costs good money, and they also know how to effectively optimize costs.

I like to take pictures, visit interesting places, eat delicious and healthy food in unique restaurants, and share my accumulated experience in business, management and other areas.

In my blog, I want to share with you all the things that give me pleasure and make life more joyful. I will cover the most interesting events that take place in New York and the USA, talk about non-tourist places, interesting restaurants and food, events, exhibitions, various innovations and innovations. After all, in this city there is a lot of creativity, modernity and just beauty in all things.

Therefore, if you are planning to visit New York in the future, you want to start your business or project here, or you are just interested in this city, I will gladly share unique information and provide my recommendations.
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My own author’s courses

  • Project Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Strategic Management
  • Marketing mix strategies
  • Segmentation strategies
  • Internat-marketing for Business owners

Business books for MBA programs

  • Business books SE MBA Professional for the МВА programes; Alexandra Rolya; Dr. Frank Edelkraut, Dietmar Borsch, Alexandra Rolya, – 592 p.;
  • Business books SE MBA Project Management; Dr. Frank Edelkraut, Dietmar Borsch, Peter Ozegowski, Kay Koenigsmann, Alexandra Rolya – 675 p.;
  • Operational Management”; Prof. Dr. Bernd Schubert , Helmut Borsch, Alexandra Rolya, Novik Elena,- 96 p. ;
  • Strategic Management”, Prof. Dr. Bernd Schubert, Alexandra Rolya, Helmut Völk, Helmut Borsch, – 248 p.
  • Marketing Strategy”, Prof. Dr. Bernd Schubert, Alexandra Rolya, Helmut Völk, Helmut Borsch, Danchenok Valentine – 366 p.
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